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Birthday? Christmas? Wedding anniversary? Marriage proposal?

I'll record a personalised song for you!

The perfect personal gift and something to remember your special occasion by.

I'm always delighted to record a song that I've played for you live at your wedding, proposal, or any other event, so you have something to remember the day by.

What are the formats?

 Package 1 - Personalised Video Message

I will record a personalised video of me playing a well known song live for you or your loved one.

This includes a short message of your choice, followed by the performance.

The great part - I can make any changes you like to the lyrics! For example, replacing a name in the song with the name of your loved one. Or you can just leave the song as it is and let me do my interpretation.

An example:



Package 2 - Personalised Song Recording

I will record, mix and master a version of an existing song of your choice to a professional standard in my studio. As well as the raw vocal and guitar performance, I have the capacity to add drums, bass, strings, piano, or whatever else suits the song.

Again - you can amend the lyrics of the existing song in any way you like and I will sing the words of your choosing! Most commonly, this involves changing the a name in the song to the name of the recipient - but you can go as creative as you want!

You will receive the song in the form of a WAV and/or MP3 file, and/or I can burn a CD for you on request.

An example:

Galway Girl
00:00 / 03:15


Just drop me an email to say hi, including:

What next?

  • whether you'd like a personalised video message or a personalised song recording

  • The name of the song you'd like me to play

  • The name of the recipient and any message you'd like me to say for them

  • A copy of any changes you'd like to make to the lyrics of the song

Turnaround time: 48hrs

As ever, I'm very flexible with these and open to just about anything!

If you have a specific idea of what you'd like, just get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

I'm even open to having a go at writing you full song from scratch, and I've been known to follow up personalised song recordings with a live performance or virtual performance over Zoom!

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