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I specialise in weddings and have now played nearly 100 weddings as a professional performer.


Please see below for all further details regarding bookings.

I want to work with you to create an absolutely timeless performance which really captures the essence, nuance and character of your wedding day.


I play a mixture of popular cover songs from 1960-2020, mostly in the pop and rock genres, but sometimes with a touch of soul. I have a repertoire of 150+ songs, and can easily accommodate learning new material for the day, and will even record your favourite song for you in my home studio!


I have received scores of outstanding written reviews over the last four years, and have never to my knowledge had a dissatisfied client.


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Outdoor Wedding

The typical layout for the ceremony is one piece of music as the bride enters, two (with a third as backup) during the signing of the register, and one piece of music as the married couple exit. I will try to be as accommodating as possible to your specific requirements and don't mind playing a couple of additional songs.

I am of course more than happy to learn particular songs which are special to you for this all important part of the day. Though couples usually have a good idea of what they want, I am also able to recommend songs which have worked well in the past for the ceremony.

I have played ceremonies in churches, barns, hotels and outdoors before - so I can tailor the acoustics to a wide range of environments without problem.

Afternoon drinks reception

Typically when canapés are served and guests mingle. A light musical backdrop often works perfectly here.

I frequently play this part of the day unplugged - whether it be indoor or outdoor, and can roam around amongst the guests, sometimes interacting with them - or stay in one spot. If you would prefer me to play amplified, this is no problem either so long as a power socket is available, and there is suitable covering for my equipment if the weather is looking a bit dodgy!

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Wedding breakfast

Wedding Tent

One of the parts of the day I am most frequently asked to play - and absolutely one of my favourites. 


This is typically when I would have the sound system set up and ready to go. Usually involves light music of your choice to accompany the meal, but can cater for any vibe at all.

First dance

I have played the first dance numerous times - the highlight being at an Indian wedding in front of around 500 people! I will happily learn the song of your choice, and can send an audio recording prior to the event. I'm more than happy to incorporate more than one song into the first dance. Again, I am able to help with song recommendations if you wish.

First Dance

Evening celebrations


I'm often asked to provide louder and more upbeat numbers for people to dance and mingle to later in the day. I have a large repertoire of this type of material and am more than capable of getting people dancing with a range of hits from every decade!

This can certainly be a cost efficient - and still highly effective - alternative to hiring in a full band.


I am always happy to DJ between sets and after I have finished performing (Spotify from my phone played through my sound system). Though sound quality is excellent, please note that this is not a substitute for hiring in a professional DJ who will have all the specific equipment and expertise.

Let me record your special song for you!

This is a wonderful new feature that I've recently introduced.

In addition to playing live for you on the day, I will record a version of a song - from your ceremony, first dance, or just something special to you - in my studio.

A perfect accompaniment to the videography or photography showreel - or just a memento that will remind you of your day forever!

Listen to an example:

Galway Girl


Reception Drink
Package 1


Ceremony + drinks reception

Up to 5 songs in the ceremony and some background music before the ceremony if you wish, plus a 45 minute drinks reception before or afterwards.

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Package 2


2 x 45 minute sets

To be played whenever and wherever you like!

Can both be in one part of the day, or split between two.

Drinks reception, wedding breakfast, evening celebrations - you choose.

If there is an extensive wait (2hrs+) between sets, a small additional charge may be added.

Wedding Table Arrangement
Package 3


Ceremony + 2 x 45 minute sets

Up to 5 songs in the ceremony plus two sets at a time and location of your choosing.

The above are the most common layouts for wedding music which I encounter - but please don't feel restricted by them!

I'd be delighted to quote you for any combination of my services which fit your needs, and I frequently do - just get in touch.

You can find more information in the FAQs section on the Bookings page.