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I have been producing music for over 15 years - from those first "bedroom demos", to having my own studio and a solid understanding of all the components required to get a top quality, professional sounding mix.

My aim is currently to offer an "entry level" service for those who might not be willing or able to pay for some of the more established services out there.

I love to get truly involved in a project and let the creative juices flow - but I am just as enthusiastic about getting the "basic mix" right - the key elements that will do the lion's share of the work in getting your song to a high level sonically.

Per track - £60

5 or more tracks - £50 per track

What do I get?

  • A free 30 second demo of your song before you commit

  • Unlimited revisions (within reason)

  • A mixing engineer with a genuinely proven track record of excellent communication skills and professionalism (see the testimonials section for my performance work)!

How do you work?

I mix "in the box" using the latest version of Logic Pro X. There are a lot of people out there who will bang on about the benefits of using various fancy outboard hardware for mixing. From my own (sometimes bitter) experience, I can tell you that what is FAR more important is to have a mixing engineer who can provide an excellent foundational knowledge of the basics of mixing, with - just as important - a strong dose of good taste!

Through extensive experience, I have learnt to avoid the pitfalls of not getting the basics right. I will first work hard to optimise: 

  • Balancing - volumes, panning

  • Editing - tuning, gating, 

  • EQ sculpting

  • Compression

  • Additional reverb, delay, etc where necessary

How long will it take?

No mix takes more than a week to complete, and most should take 2-3 days. I like to "get to know" the song first and deliver a result with time, care and adequate "ear breaks" - so a good few days is always ideal.

What types of music do you accept?

In my opinion, mixing is a universally applicable craft. There is no genre of music which I feel I would be outside of my range of skills. However, I would be more than happy to discuss this honestly with you beforehand, to make sure we are definitely a good fit and nobody's time gets wasted.